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Over the next several months, I'll be scanning in my entire collection of over 2,000 different Gary Carter baseball cards ranging from 1975 to present. My goal is to provide high quality images of my collection in order to digitally preserve them for years to come. Keep checking back periodically as new cards continue to be added, and as always, please reach out if you have a Carter card you'd like to sell or trade.

The 1970s

Follow The Kid through the very early years of his Hall of Fame career. 

2010 - Present

To this day, Carter remains a staple in most Topps and Panini products as a fan favorite.

The 1980s

In the '80s, Carter became one of baseball's biggest stars, leading the Mets to a Championship. 


Beginning in 2014, Topps began putting out oversized prints featuring Gary and other legends.

The 1990s

As Carter's playing days wind down, so do the number of his cards being made.


In 2012, Topps releases a mobile app featuring Carter's first digital baseball cards.

The 2000s

As the new millennial began, Carter's cardboard footprint started to expand again.


See The Kid like you've never seen him before in unreleased, classic Topps designs.

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